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Why RegalBurg, you ask!?  

It's just a play on words incorporating Bergregal and our nickname for our beloved Walsenburg "The Burg".  Most locals refer to the RegalBurg Delicatessen as "The Burg Deli" Bergregal" is a German term that translates to "mining right" or "mining law." It refers to the legal right of a sovereign to mine and extract minerals and other resources from the land within their jurisdiction. While the term "Bergregal" is not directly tied to the history of Walsenburg, CO, the city does have a significant history in mining. In 1876, Fred Walsen bought land in Walsenburg where the first coal mine was established.  This became the Walsen mine.  Walsenburg was headed in the right direction and was considered  a coal mining hub.  Then came the railroads from Pueblo (the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad).  Soon after, many mines opened; such as:  Toltec, Pictou, Maitland, Alamo, Robinson, Cameron, Solar, Rouse, Pryor, Ideal, Ravenwood, as well as others.  Walsenburg, CO soon became known all over as "The City Built on Coal".

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However, the history of mining in Walsenburg was not without conflict. The area was a site of labor disputes and strikes in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as workers sought better wages and working conditions.  The Colorado Coalfield War, as it was known, resulted in several violent conflicts between striking miners and company guards, and it had a significant impact on the history of the region.  One of the single most deadly incidents during the Colorado Coalfield War was the Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914.  The memorial can still be visited today by taking I-25 south of Walsenburg to exit 27.


The Walsenburg Mercantile was established back in 1904 and was brought back to life in 2022.  It was an intrical part of history in supplying food and goods to local mining camps back then.  With our 70 plus vendors, we were able to bring life back into this historical building by, once again, providing food, crafts, and a great place to stay more than 120 years later!

In summary, while "Bergregal" is not a term directly associated with the history of Walsenburg, the city's history in coal mining is an important part of the region's history, and it played a significant role in the development and conflicts of the area.  The City Built on Coal.

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