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Gub Gubs pizza and Ice Cream

Gub Gub's started in 2021 as a dream of a family wanting to offer more than a fun and friendly experience for travelers and locals. Owners Thomas, Helena, and Jack work to transcend a standard restaurant model in an effort to give back to the community that gives them so much. Through partnerships, donations, time, and support, Gub Gub's promises to use part of every purchase to support a thriving community through schools, youth, and the local food and clothing pantry. 


Gub Gub's Pizza and Ice Cream

Gub Gubs is currently in the process of constructing a second establishment, but in the meantime, they have found temporary residences within The Walsenburg Mercantile. Within the confines of this establishment, you will discover a delightful pizza and soft-serve counter proudly presented by Gub Gubs.

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